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“The mind of a successful politician is more akin to the imagination of a creative artist than to any faculty intellectuals possess.

–English Political Scientist

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Georgia Political Review Interview with David Frum

David Frum wrote speeches for the President, edited the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, and has been named one of America’s 50 most influential conservatives. Yet these days he’s focusing most of his time on his blog Frum Forum. The Georgia Political Review talked recently with him about journalism, youth in America, and the best way to use writing to influence the national discourse and direct the course of our politics.

Was the Road to bin Laden Paved with Torture?

In a more total moral economy, we should halt at those who would pride ourselves on preventing attacks on American soil, on preventing another 9/11. It misses the larger point. Bin Laden’s fatwa states, “The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies — civilians and military — is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it.” The goal is not to hurt America, it is to hurt Americans and it can happen in any country in any fashion. And that is a crucial point.

Multiculturalism: Should It Stay or Should It Go? (co-written with Khalil Farah)

Most students come to campus like the tired, poor souls seeking deliverance from oppression. They dwell in the dorms, perhaps the most democratic institution on campus, or maybe anywhere in American life. Here race and religion have no bearing: Hindus, Jews, and Catholics play bass, drums, and vocals on an impromptu Rock Band session.

The Public Weiner: Reflections on the Shifting Nature of the American Sex Scandal

Weiner’s recent resignation is only a harbinger of even more sex scandals from an ever more rabid media. His sexual ethics remain questionable, yet so do those of revered American presidents like Jefferson. The increasing blurriness of the public/private divide might force a complete re-examination and re-orientation of American sexual standards. More likely, however unfortunately, is an America that will find itself increasingly punishing human frailty more often than rewarding political talent.

Keys to the White House

“Keys to the White House” is a model for predicting presidential elections. Developed in 1981 by American historian Allan Lichtman and Russian scientist Vladimir Keilis-Borok, the model retrospectively explains every presidential election from 1860-1980, and predicted every election result between 1984 and 2008. The model assumes a more nuanced and pragmatic electorate for which the economy is not the primary decision point (as in other presidential election models). These same 13 Keys that explain why Lincoln beat Douglas in 1860 are the same general principles that also explain why Obama beat McCain in 2008.

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