Short Stories

First Day of Fall

“…It was in the air. The smell was just a touch crisper, the wind just a little brisker. You know the feeling. You know the first day of fall, when it seems all of nature gains an air of solemnity, of sorrow, that day the soft rolling melody of summer changes keys to a serious melancholy drawl. The day it feels like something pure is about to be destroyed. You know the first day of fall…”

Blue Lady and the Guitarist

“…His words were a thunderclap, infuriating Caroline. Her eyes flashed with a wild blue blaze, and she looked as though possessed by an otherworldly wrath. She narrowed her eyes and said, ‘You lie.’ Her voice was deeper and resonated with an almost unholy electricity. ‘You know nothing of life and death!’…”


“…He gave me the news. Jenny had a seizure. No heartbeat. No breathing.

            ‘You’re sure she’s dead?’

            ‘No doubt.'”



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