changing the world through storytelling

The man who knows his "why" can bear almost any "how."


I have written for the Daily Beast, USA Today, Real Clear Politics, The American Conservative, the Georgia Political Review, and others.


CNN, Forgotten Plague


I have founded two non-profits, the Georgia Political Review and the Blue Ribbon Foundation. I serve on the Board of Directors for Blue Ribbon and for #MEAction Network.


I have spoken at the National Press Club, Stanford Medical School, the Chinese Theater, and others.


"Poets are the great unacknowledged legislators of the world." --Percy Shelley
I always wanted to be a writer. But making change is about being a whole lot more.

In ninth grade, I was facing the confusion of growing up, where I walked into a English classroom. In the pages of literature, I found a transcendence and a sense of self. At each trial in my life I learned to find refuge in the written word, and I hoped to spend my life writing.

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